Canada Time Inc. is a full service Time and Attendance and Access Security solutions provider.

We are dedicated to provide the highest quality and the best service at the right price.

Our Time and Attendance division provides full scale time and attendance solutions for companies wishing to take control of their of their human resources expenses and boost their HR Department's productivity by simplifying their payroll processing.

Our Access Control division provides easy of use access control solutions, insure highest level of personal identification for physical security. It works efficiently for many entities like banks, hospitals, government agencies, data centers and commercial corporate campuses.

We have a strong commitment to do things the right way and are proud that every client we’ve ever worked with is a reference.

Canada Time Inc. is a nice place to work, where people feel comfortable and motivated to excel beyond the status quo.

Located close to Downtown Toronto, Canada Time Inc. serves companies in the Great Toronto Area and Southern Ontario, and distributes products to companies nationwide.

Please contact us to discover the way we can help you become more efficient!